About us

"Harness the power of the Cloud to provide more learning for less money."

For decades schools have poured money into expensive IT solutions better suited for businesses, and often requiring proprietary hardware and software. We're all about changing that, using applications and data storage in the cloud.

The web is brimming with tools for learning, creating, organising, communicating and sharing. These tools offer far better value for money than their 'old world' equivalents, are much easier to deploy, and are available from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Airhead creates software that brings all of these tools and resources together, such as our eponymous cloud desktop for schools and AirBase our repository of educational resources.

Play well with others.

The education world has seen enough monolithic software products that require users to work in a particular ways to achieve things that they can already do perfectly well using other tools. We believe that software fit for the 21st Century doesn't do that, but should work with the tools that users are already using.

We believe in open standards.

Simple is good.

We believe that software that requires users to go on training courses or to read Help files is just plain bad software. We pride ourselves on building products that users can use immediately, and which are fun to use.

Airhead's directors have over 60 years combined experience in educational IT, and have been behind some of the largest cloud-based education systems in the world.

Jason Dixon

The Technical Architect

Jason is Airhead's Technical Director, ensuring that everything we do is technically rock-solid. An internationally renowned software architect, what he doesn't know about designing large-scale IT systems simply isn't worth knowing. Indeed, some of his designs have been the largest of their kind anywhere in the world.

Phil Dawson

The Commercial Whiz

Phil is the man with the plan: he's responsible for our commercial strategy and direction. A passionate advocate of all things cloud, our Commercial Director is just as likely to be found evangelising cloud-based learning to everyone from local schools to government ministers as he is hammering out the details of a commercial agreement.

Fraser Davidson

The Coding Genius

When it comes to bringing great ideas to life through the medium of code, Fraser is a star. Perhaps it's his Scottish roots, but he has the determination and flair it takes to build a platform that's super simple to use but super smart under the bonnet. Fraser has been there since the beginning, helping to shape Airhead at every step.

Airhead was founded in 2011 and is 100% privately owned and funded.

Airhead brings together world class experience with a passion for innovation in learning technologies.

Before creating Airhead, its founders designed some of the biggest cloud learning platforms in the world. They share the conviction that learning technology must be accessible to all, easy to use, affordable and demonstrably effective.

Successfully delivering cloud services and products nationally and internationally

With customers such as Civica and the Scottish Government, Airhead is successfully providing product development and consultancy both nationally and internationally.

Our customers love us because we start by thinking 10 years ahead.

Innovative, agile and exciting

Airhead is at the vanguard of a technology revolution. Over the past decade, the range of tools and resources available across the Internet has grown at an astonishing rate. The Web is no longer just a place to seek out information. It's now rich with fully functional apps that are both appropriate for learning and often free.

This new web order poses a new set of challenges for individuals and organisations to synthesize and integrate the diverse tools that the web makes available.

As a young company Airhead is agile, innovative and exciting. We understand the cloud, and are able to fully embrace all that it offers to enrich educational provision and practice.


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